How are you feeling at the moment?
Do you feel low on energy, anxious or overwhelmed?
Like many people, you probably thought that 2021 would start off on a ‘better’ footing and we’d be leaving 2020 behind. Although personally I was pretty certain we’d have another lockdown here in the UK as soon as Christmas was over purely because more people get ill in the Winter and therefore, I knew that Covid-19 rates would rise too.

Even though we’re somewhat familiar with this way of living now, I think this time round it is hitting people harder.

I’m sensing that many people are feeling quite drained and despondent.
A lot of my clients are completely maxed out at the moment, what with it being year-end … And then those who are parents are also trying to home-school their children on top of everything else!
It’s a tough time on so many levels…

I am predicting that, for many people and for many reasons, working from home is going to start seriously losing its appeal this year.

The truth is, I don’t think it’s very good for most people’s health and wellbeing without the proper wellbeing skills in place.
You need to be very good at self-management – and this takes time to cultivate and often through trial and error.

It’s very easy for unhealthy habits to form when you’re left to your own devices.

Eating habits can slip: When, what and how often you eat. I’m even seeing some of my neighbours ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Sleeping habits can slip: I think people are generally going to bed later as they have less of a routine, TV has become an even bigger crutch, and most people aren’t getting up as early as they used to … Plus Netflix has a lot to answer for here!
People are far more sedentary now: The amount of people I know who say they have put on weight since the pandemic hit … and the risks around being sedentary are far more than just weight gain.
And obviously the mental health impact is huge: As people cope with uncertainty, health fears, financial concerns, job security, isolation, loss of loved ones … Not to mention the current political climate!

I’ve been actively supporting my private clients during this time and I’ve also been running a lot of online sessions for large organisations to help support their people around wellbeing, resilience, working from home, the ‘always on’ working culture and more specifically, how to get through and even thrive despite everything that is going on.

And because I sense that many people are in need of support right now, I’ve created a brand new live virtual training programme to help you reduce your stress, improve your wellbeing and in turn, do your best work, titled:  

We humans are not meant to be so sedentary, cope with constant pressure or live with chronic stress!
Yet what I also know to be true is that wellbeing is actually a skill to be developed and daily intention to be nurtured.

It doesn’t come naturally or easily to most people because, simply put, aspects of our human nature and also our maxed-out world work against us! … Then add to the mix everything we’re dealing with now due to the pandemic and, I think you’ll agree, we need to cultivate the skill of wellbeing more so than ever!!

In summary, I’ve designed the Live Well to Achieve More programme to help you do just that!

Even if you don’t have much time.

Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

And even if you’ve struggled in the past.

If you think this could be a good fit for you, or perhaps you’re already a YES click the link below for the full details and to join!

Many people at this time of year sign up for extreme exercise regimes, diets plans or detoxes. I’m not saying those things are necessarily bad (some are!), but what I am saying is that what people really need are simple and sustainable healthy habits and routines to build into their everyday life.
These might not sound as compelling and attractive as the bold claims that the diet and fitness challenges make, but in the long run, I can assure you, they’ll have far more of an impact on your health and wellbeing – and a positive one at that!
I’ve designed the Live Well to Achieve More programme to teach you to how to get more skilled at knowing which healthy habits suit you and your lifestyle …
Meaning: They workthey’re realistic and they are therefore do-able over the long-term!
The second key piece is then the accountability; over the 12-week duration of the programme, you will cultivate the discipline and daily intention to keep up with those small daily habits so that they become your ‘ways of being’.

If you’re new to my work or on the fence about joining, here are some client and participant testimonials so you can get a feel for the kind of results that are possible:

“When I first started working with Kate my stress levels were really high, around 8-9 out of 10 on a daily basis, sometimes reaching 10/10!!… Now, only a couple of months into our work together, and I feel like I’m averaging a 4/10 on the stress scale, which makes such a difference to my overall quality of life!”
“It was so useful talking about what stress actually is and how to control it. I really liked Kate’s attitude in relation to sleep, diet and exercise. I have taken part in sessions about these topics before and for the most part their suggestions are unrealistic for my lifestyle.”
“This programme has radically changed my thinking around what self-care and prioritisation really means. I have a busy and demanding job and with Kate’s guidance I have found a way to succeed in that without feeling the resentment of it being at the expense of my whole life.”
“Kate’s programme is tailor-made so that you maximise your own potential – not striving for the unattainable but having a realistic approach which means that the results and adjustments made to my lifestyle were achievable and permanent. This is of great appeal, because it means that once you embark on this new way of life, it’s not an uphill battle, but a journey of self-discovery that opens your eyes to a new way of looking after yourself.”

Click the link below for the full details about the programme and to join!

If you have any questions simply email and we can set up a quick to call to tell your more about the programme and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Kate x