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Stuck indoors and feeling lethargic?

Stuck indoors and feeling lethargic?


I’m sharing a simple tip today that should go some way to help you if you’re feeling more lethargic than usual due to not being able to leave the home.


Expose yourself to the morning and midday sun.


Ideally you would be walking or exercising outside in the sun, however I appreciate that’s not possible for some people right now.


So, if you can’t leave your home then go outside in your garden, on your balcony or roof terrace, or if you don’t have either of those, stand outside your front door or by a window that faces the sun and ideally open the window and let the sun-shine on you for at least 10minutes.


This is especially important if you live in a relatively dark home.


Our body needs varying degrees of light to regulate our circadian rhythm, which when working well, means we will feel sleepy or energised at the correct times.


As a side note, this also explains why we shouldn’t be looking at screens and exposing ourselves to blue light in the evenings.


Follow and mimic the sun.


If the sun is low and warm in its colour, as it is in the evening, then electrical lighting indoors should ideally be soft, warm toned and low to signal to your body that it’s time to wind down and sleep. Whilst in contrast we need blue/white, bright light that’s above us in the morning and middle of the day to help you feel alert and energised.


Lastly, why not also maximise this time in the sun by simultaneously doing some stretching or exercise and any of the stress relieving tools I’ve mentioned so far!



Kate x

Kate Horwood