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Coaching & Courses

Choose from high-touch private mentoring, a 3-week total detox programme or my longer-term, transformational group coaching course; you’ll find the right programme for you, to suit your needs and support you in reaching your goals.

PRIVATE 1:1 Mentorship

I work with a limited number of clients each year in a one on one capacity. This is very deep work and clients also get email and Voxer access to me outside of coaching sessions.


We cover everything from stress resilience, energy/time management, proper sleep, nutrition and movement and powerful combination of wellbeing practices and mindset work – all of which lead you to greater levels of health, personal excellence and overall happiness.

I offer 30-minute telephone consultations where we will find out if I’m the right coach for you and if working together is a good fit. We can discuss the areas in which you need help and support and I will then be able to share if/how my work can help you achieve your goals and take your life to the next level. The cost of the consultation is FREE and is conducted over the phone. Everything we say is private and confidential.

LIVE WELL TO ACHIEVE MORE / 12 Week Group Programme

I truly believe that in order to thrive in today’s modern, fast-paced world, we must be proactive in looking after our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


Even at the best of times, it’s difficult to stick to the health and wellbeing commitments we make to ourselves. But there’s no doubt that it’s much harder in stressful and challenging situations…


The Live Well to Achieve More programme is a step-by-step course where I teach you how to instil small but life-altering healthy habits (mental, emotional and physical) that build your resilience so that you can cope well, and even thrive, no matter what life brings.


This course will help you improve your habits, and more importantly, improve your life. Even if you don’t have much time. Even if you are feeling overwhelmed. And even if you have struggled in the past.


You’ll learn how to reduce your stress, improve your wellbeing and do your best work.


For more information, click the button below…

This group programme launches on February 4th 2021 – If you're interested to join, click the button below to find out more.

BODY RESET / 3 Week Detox Programme

Our body’s natural detoxification system is designed to support our health by eliminating waste products from the food we consume, cosmetics and environmental toxins. Like any hard-working system, it needs periodic rest and support to continue functioning optimally.


This programme will teach you how to rest and restore your body’s natural detoxification abilities. Clients feel lighter, brighter, slimmer, many symptoms clear up and they have so much more energy to draw from. This really is a re-boot and maintenance check for your whole system.


At the end of the detox you will also have the perfect opportunity to take yourself through a 1 week ‘reintroduction’ phase to highlight any food sensitivities or allergies.


When I first spoke with Kate my stress levels were really high, around 8-9 out of 10 on a daily basis, sometimes reaching 10/10!!... Now, only three months in to our coaching work together, and I feel like I'm averaging a 4/10 on the stress scale, which makes such a difference to my overall quality of life!

Lindi - Accountant, Senior Management Team

I am equipped with practical tools to trust my body and intuition and as importantly to me to think of my life holistically rather than work and the rest of it. What I truly appreciate now, is less is really more. Rather than on this constant treadmill, I really do make space for being outside, learning new things and have tuned into my body. I used to be at war with it and now I treat myself like a precious asset. Working with Kate has given me confidence, insight and most importantly, time to focus on me, which has benefited my whole life.

Debbie - Director, Global firm, Employee Sponsored Childcare

Kate's mentoring makes absolute sense to me even more so now that I have two small children. Her gentle approach meant that I could find ways to support my own mental, physical and emotional wellbeing soon after I had had my second child.

Caroline - Founder, Luxury Accessories Business

I have a demanding job running my own company and had fallen into the trap of not focussing time on my wellbeing whilst continuing to operate at full steam. Working with Kate has enabled me to focus on and listen to the cues my body presents and find the space and time to restore and replenish. Through Kate's knowledge and practical advice I have embedded some smart new behaviours into my life, and the result has been a positive impact on my energy levels and a shift in focus to prioritise my wellbeing alongside the needs of my business and family.

Claire - Founder & Creative Director, Film & Media, Mother

"My CFO asked if I’d taken happy pills this morning!" (Feedback after first coaching session)

Trish - CEO, Global Satellite Telecomms, Mother of two

Kate’s programme is tailor-made so that you maximise your own potential - not striving for the unattainable, but having a realistic approach which means that the results and adjustments made to my lifestyle were achievable and permanent. This is of great appeal, because it means that once you embark on this new way of life, it's not an uphill battle, but a journey of self discovery that opens your eyes to a new way of looking after yourself and being in tune with precisely what your body needs.

Tanya - Director of Arts & Media Company, Mother

I'm feeling good! I'm thinking much more about what I'm putting into my body as opposed just wanting something that I like so I’m being more aware off healthy choices. I'm really pleased that I took part in this and feel both physically and mentally different. (BODY RESET detox programme participant)

Pauline - Executive Assistant, Morgan Stanley

Kate’s coaching made a significant difference to both my personal and professional life. Her practical steps and actions were tailored and achievable in my individual circumstances, which has meant they are long-lasting too. A year later and I still practice many of the things Kate taught me, and refer back to her guidance when I need a reminder. Kate’s support made me calmer, more confident, and happier. Thank you so much Kate!

Victoria - Head of Client Relations, Leading Corporate Benefits Provider

If you are in need of re-energising yourself and reconnecting positively with your own body, then I recommend coaching with Kate! After 18 years of running my own business, travelling extensively, sitting at a desk and on airplanes for too long, I needed the guidance, insight and accountability that her mentoring provides. Friends started to notice the difference in me after a couple of weeks and now I feel full of energy, more confident in myself and her wellbeing tools and techniques are now a part of my everyday routine. Kate is the perfect advert for her method – insightful, compassionate yet also strong in the sense she sees through my excuses and therefore holds me accountable in reaching my goals!

Anne - Founding Director, Leading Architectural Practice

My body feels more fluid and mentally I feel happier, inspired and more energetic! Kate’s personal one-to-one coaching has given me the confidence to be more active, fit and to effectively prioritise looking after my wellbeing in a way that is do-able for me whilst also being a busy working Mum of two - something I'd never thought was actually possible!!

India - Harley Street Clinic Medical Director, Mother of two