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Workplace Wellbeing

Providing your people with information, insights and tools to boost overall wellbeing & performance. Coaching and workshop content is created specifically to suit your people, company culture and relevant needs.

PRIVATE 1:1 Mentorship / Employees & Executives

I coach individuals within a company who may be struggling to find balance and therefore their mental, emotional and physically health and output is likely suffering. I also coach senior leaders or aspiring leaders looking to better prioritise their wellbeing and take their energy, health and personal excellence to the next-level.


This is very deep work and clients also get email and Voxer access to me outside of coaching sessions.


We cover everything from stress resilience, energy/time management, proper sleep, nutrition, effective exercise and a powerful combination of wellbeing practices including essential mindset work – all of which lead you to greater levels of health, personal excellence and overall happiness.


For clients holding senior positions, we also look at how your own personal values, habits and behaviour around prioritising your wellbeing and time, impacts your team(s). As a leader, you have the power to hugely influence those around you simply in how you ‘show up’ and who you are being – it is this kind of empathic, altruistic and empowering behaviour that shifts company culture for the better.

I offer 30-minute telephone consultations where we will find out if I’m the right coach for you/ your co-worker. We will discuss the areas in which you need help and support and I will then be able to share if/how my work can help you achieve your goals and take your life to the next level. For corporate clients located in the South East, I'm also available for in-person meetings if preferred. The cost of the consultation is FREE and everything we say is private and confidential.


I work with companies, consulting and advising on subjects including but not limited to workplace wellbeing, stress resilience and ultimately, stress reduction.


The scope of my work involves creating bespoke workshops and talks on subjects such as work-life balance, avoiding burnout, optimising energy, nutrition, ‘intelligent’ exercise, losing weight, feeling healthier overall, feeling less anxious/stressed and all-round wellbeing in direct relation to high performance.

For a deeper, more transformational option, I offer a signature 6-12-month programme of events, called AMPLIFY. This option incorporates monthly 'lunch & learns', webinars and a 'wellbeing surgery' for employees. For more information on our AMPLIFY Workplace Wellbeing Programme, please click the button below and we will send you our Corporate Brochure.



  • Employee & Executive Coaching (Individuals and/or teams)
  • Corporate Talks & Workshops (1hour, Half Day, Full Day)
  • Corporate Wellbeing Programme (AMPLIFY Workplace Wellbeing)
  • Consulting (Company-wide)


Specialities include:


Workplace Wellbeing | Life Coaching | Employee Wellness | Executive Coaching | Mindset Coaching | Positive Psychology | Stress Management | Resilience | Anxiety Relief | Movement Coach | Self-Care | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy | Weight Management | Nutrition | Intuitive Eating| Personal Performance | Perfectionism & Imposter Syndrome | Meditation | Mindfulness


Recent client list includes:

  • The British Museum
  • Zurich Insurance
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Bright Horizons
  • My Family Care
  • Morgan Stanely
  • Inmarsat
  • Reach Creative
  • Omnifi
  • The Executive & Personal Assistants Association

We recently had Kate Horwood speak at Stress Awareness Day. Not only was she well received by the audience she was easy to work with, personable and spent extra time listening to everyone and interacting with them. Her high energy and enthusiasm was amazing.

- Wellbeing Committee Lead, Zurich Insurance

I work for an enlightened employer and as such I knew it was an important investment to make in my team to provide some support around managing energy and resilience. Kate gave the team practical tips to help them be who they want to be from a lifestyle perspective and more importantly, how this becomes a natural integration of who they are at work. Our business has benefited from this investment as the team are performing at an optimum level consistently and we have created a culture where wellbeing is lived and breathed across the team with a recognition that people's wellbeing is as individual as they are.

- Director of Client Partnerships & Communications, Bright Horizons

Kate provided a coaching session for our team to support our wellbeing initiative. Kate consulted with us to understand the requirements we had and the context of our work; resulting in a tailored session that offered practical advice that was appropriate to the roles of the team. We had really great feedback, and we have subsequently worked with Kate to support the wellbeing of team members through individual coaching, which has helped the employees manage their work/life better.

- Head of Client Relations, Leading Corporate Benefits Provider

Kate ran a session for BM staff as part of one of our regular health and wellbeing events. She received really good feedback from participants and has demonstrated that she is willing to work flexibly and responsively to adapt her offer to specific needs. We would be very happy to work with her again on similar initiatives.

- Head of Employee Engagement, British Museum

I have worked with Kate close to 2 years now and she has radically changed my thinking around what self-care and prioritisation really means. I have a busy and demanding job and with Kate's guidance I have found a way to succeed in that without feeling the resentment of it being at the expense of my whole life.

Denise - Director of Communications, Global Employee Sponsored Childcare

Kate’s coaching made a significant difference to both my personal and professional life. Her practical steps and actions were tailored and achievable in my individual circumstances, which has meant they are long-lasting too. A year later and I still practice many of the things Kate taught me, and refer back to her guidance when I need a reminder. Kate’s support made me calmer, more confident, and happier. Thank you so much Kate!

Victoria - Head of Client Relations, Leading Corporate Benefits Provider