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Speaking & Interviews

Talks, workshops and keynote speaking on a wide range of popular topics including, but not limited to; stress resilience, burn-out, work-life balance, self-care, breaking the diet cycle, hormone & gut health, detoxification & how to live well in today’s maxed-out world.


I love sharing my insights and methodology with people because I know that just one small tip or tool has the potential change someone’s life for the better!


I have a realistic, straight-forward approach to wellbeing and so I make self-care and looking after yourself do-able for everyone, depsite the distractions and busyness of the modern-day world. I break things down and make it simple, because in reality it doesn’t need be complicated. I also take a very holistic approach to health and wellbeing so whatever the specific subject matter i’m talking on I always relate it back to the whole, because this is how true healing and real health happens!


If you’re interested to have me speak at your event, please click the button below to send me an email.


Specialities include but not limited to:


Wellbeing | Womens Health | Workplace Wellbeing | Executive Coaching | Mindset | Positive Psychology | Stress Management | Resilience | Anxiety Relief | Intelligent Exercise | Self-Care | Enhancing energy | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy | Weight Management | Nutrition | Intuitive Eating| Personal Performance | Perfectionism & Imposter Syndrome | Meditation | Mindfulness


I have featured in a number of online interview series, podcast interviews and also guest blogs over the years. And I’m also always interested to share the brilliance of other like-minded experts through my own platform.


If you’re interested in some form of collaboration, I look forward to hearing from you – please click the button below and we’ll take it from there!


As a presenter, Kate has a great energy, is vibrant, relatable yet also professional and precise with the content she is sharing. Kate has a very special way of connecting with her audience so that you really feel a part of what she is teaching you. Her down to earth and open approach is aided by her light-hearted sense of fun. We always love having Kate speak at our events and look forward to the next!

Yasmine - Co-Founder, Beauty & Wellness Convention