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You are not your stress

You are not your stress


There’s so much information going around at the moment about how to best to look after yourself during this time…

Here in the UK we’ve got social distancing and standing two meters apart; self-isolation; the guidelines around washing our hands; some people are disinfecting their post and many are dosing up on the obvious natural supplements that help support the immune system such as vitamin-c and zinc.

However, I’m not seeing very many people in the mainstream media talk about how fear (which causes high levels of stress) is something that has the potential to dramatically weaken our immune system.

You may have noticed that I am always giving advice around how best to lower your stress levels. It’s one of the principles that underpins all of my work — First and foremost, do whatever we can to lower the stress hormones because stress can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behaviour.


It changes the lens through which we see the world; it makes us look for the potential threats, therefore catastrophising and thinking of the worst-case scenarios.


We may not even realise we’re doing this! Some people actually spend pretty much the whole of their life viewing the world through this lens, stress conditions their mind to think in this way.

Right now, many, many people are fearful and so I want to encourage you to manage that fear by being conscious of what you are thinking.

Stress and worry are not good for you, full-stop.

Neither is focussing on the worst-case scenario — it’s not truth or reality, it’s one possibility out of infinite possibilities. And referencing my blog last week on the Law of Polarity, if you’ve got a worst-case scenario then you’ve also got a best-case scenario as well! But how often do you let yourself consider that?


This is not to minimise the understandable worries regarding the current situation, but I encourage you to check in with yourself, check your state, check your thinking and ask yourself if what you’re thinking is actually serving you?


You may also want to ask yourself if it’s serving those around you, because our mood definitely has the capacity to affect those around us and vice versa.

You may think that worrying will help you avoid bad things from happening, lessen the impact of bad things, or help you come up with solutions. But worrying is actually often the problem, not the solution.

Worrying rarely solves anything!


Want I want to impress here is that we have far more power over our mind and body than many people realise.


You are not your stress and you can use tools, techniques and self awarness coupled with conscious choice, to shift your thinking, lower your stress levels and calm your body and mind.

If you need support with this, you know where to find me. We can have a chat around what’s going on for you and even if I feel I’m not best placed to help you, I will be able to offer you a number of resources that can.



Kate x

Kate Horwood