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About Me

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Helping busy people whose health and overall wellbeing has paid the price due to a pressured lifestyle and/or demanding career. I help you create realistic healthy changes to restore balance in both your body and life, so that you can feel and perform at your absolute best!

Dynamic coaching with unwavering support on your journey


I can help you lose weight, feel great in your body and become the healthiest version of yourself. You will learn how to work with your body rather than against it, which means that these changes are not only achievable but permanent.


Through a lifetime of personal experience in the worlds of health, fitness and wellness, I have developed a natural affinity for understanding the power of the human body and what it takes to create *real* health & wellness.

Real health & wellness feels: natural, balanced, effortless, trusting, at one, good, easy, sustainable, long-term, calm, fun, compassionate, peaceful, joyful, empowered, stress-free and in control.

My work is beyond quick fixes and fads; I look at YOU – the whole – and hone in on the root cause(s) of the issues you are experiencing. 

We will work holistically, looking at the fundamentals of nutrition, movement, mindset, and lifestyle.

It is a sad truth that most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel! I shine a light on your blind-spots, your negative habits and false beliefs – All of the ways in which you’ve been unknowingly sabotaging your health!

I then provide you with the right tools, methods and guidance so that you have everything you need to create new healthy ways of being.

All of these elements allow you to become the healthiest version of yourself – on both the outside and inside – so that you not only look great but FEEL great.

You’ll also get my un-wavering support to keep you on track and held accountable, so that you can move forward through any blocks, hurdles or fears that may come up along the way.

It is my promise that through my one-to-one coaching and/or online programs YOU will acquire the level of awareness, knowledge and empowerment needed to create your best health and best body – and in such a way that you can maintain for the long-term with ease.

If you feel like you’re always struggling to lose the weight or get the balance right between eating well, feeling good and looking good – I can help you. 

This is a re-education of all that you know about your body, food, fat, calories, health, and what ‘works’…

I look forward to helping you transform your body and health! 

It’s all about alignment

When you work on the ‘whole’ everything lines up on the inside, outside and for the long term. This is probably a complete shift in the way you relate to food and your body…and once you make this shift in perception you’ll never go back to the old, out-dated ways.

The Coaching


All of our programs look at these 5 key elements because we know that real, long-lasting health can only be achieved through taking a holistic approach. However, throughout this process we always honour your personal wants, needs and goals.


Dispel the myths & see food for what it really is.


It’s all about how you move & use your body.


Resolve any blocks, identify triggers & reinforce the positive.


Know your energy systems and create balance.


Simple changes can lead to profound results.


I am incredibly passionate about raising awareness that we ALL have the natural capacity to create a healthy, slim, able body for ourselves.


My big vision is to become the opposite of those well-known global ‘weight-loss’ brands.


I am here to show you how you don’t need to count calories, weigh yourself, go on restrictive diets or crazy excessive exercise programs – you really don’t, and in reality all these things are working completely against you and your ability to create real, effortless, long-term, good health.

Career History

Prior to setting up my branded barre fitness method in 2014, I worked in the fashion and product design industries for over 14 years whilst living and working in London and New York.


In order to move into the health and wellness industry I trained at the highly acclaimed YMCA Fit School and hold advanced qualifications in Personal training, numerous specialist fitness qualifications, Nutrition and Wellness coaching. I am certified by REPS, the Register of Exercise Professionals.


I make it a priority to keep up with industry advances and regularly attend expert led seminars, talks, expos & trade shows related to health, nutrition, wellness, functional medicine and holistic health.
I have also built-up a trusted circle of piers in wellness world who I consult on a regular basis and if I’m not the best person to help a potential client I will mostly likely be able to refer you to some I trust who can.


I currently coach clients online through skype or phone call and in late 2017 I will be able to offer in-person coaching sessions out of a central London practice location.


I write a popular weekly newsletter offering my insights, teachings and wisdom that has an average readership of over 1000 which continues to grow.  


I also produce a number of free online interview series every year where I bring together some of the world’s top health, fitness and wellness experts.
For the full list of my services and programs please go to the ‘Services’ page.