Corporate Wellbeing

Providing your people with information, insights and science-based tools to boost wellbeing & performance. Strategy and content are created specifically to suit your people, company culture and relevant needs.

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Coaching & Mentoring / EMPLOYEES & LEADERS

I coach and mentor individuals who may be struggling to find balance and therefore their wellbeing and output is likely suffering. I also coach senior and aspiring leaders looking to cultivate an elite mindset and better prioritise their wellbeing to take their skills, energy, focus and personal excellence to the next level.

Please refer to the Coaching & Mentoring page for more detailed information on the different programmes offered. Alternatively, email or call to schedule a consultation here

Programmes, talks & workshops

I create and deliver talks, interactive workshops and programmes for groups and teams of all sizes with the option to include additional support and accountability for participants in the form of one-to-one mentoring or email access depending on the level of support required. I have a wide range of talks and workshops to choose from and can also fully customise the content to suit your company’s needs.

For a deeper, more transformational experience, I offer a signature programme of events, called ‘Live Well to Achieve More’. The programme incorporates monthly workshops, talks and a ‘wellbeing clinic’ with optional additional one-to-one support for participants.

Please refer to the ‘Specialities / Areas of Expertise’ tab below to get a feel for the breadth of topics covered. These can be delivered as stand-alone talks or combined to create bespoke experiences.

For more information, please email or call to enquire about the programme brochure or to arrange a consultation.


My consulting work focuses on workplace wellbeing and leadership initiatives such as mental fitness, burnout awareness, optimising energy, time and focus, empathic leadership, stress resilience and wellbeing in direct relation to high performance.

If you’d like to find out more, please email or call to arrange a consultation where we can discuss the areas in which your organisation needs support, and how I can help. 

Personal & Professional Development – Life Coaching – Wellbeing Coaching – Executive Mentoring – Mindset Coaching – Leadership Coaching – Empathic Leadership – Positive Psychology – Stress Management – Resilience – Burnout – Time & Energy Management – Work/Life Balance – Anxiety Relief – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Holistic Health – Movement & Exercise – Selfcare – Mindfulness – Sleep Hygiene – Weight Management – Food & Nutrition – Intuitive Eating – Confidence – Perfectionism – People Pleasing – Procrastination – Boundaries – Imposter Syndrome – Managing Toxic People

Recent clients


I have a demanding job running my own company and had fallen into the trap of not focussing time on my wellbeing whilst continuing to operate at full steam. Working with Kate has enabled me to focus on and listen to the cues my body presents and find the space and time to restore and replenish. Through Kate’s knowledge and practical advice, I have embedded some smart new behaviours into my life, and the result has been a positive impact on my energy levels and a shift in focus to prioritise my wellbeing alongside the needs of my business and family.

Claire, Founder, Film & Media Agency

Kate has ran a number of sessions for BM staff over the past 3 years as part of our regular health and wellbeing events. She receives really good feedback from participants and has demonstrated that she is willing to work flexibly and responsively to adapt her offer to specific needs. We would be very happy to work with her again on similar initiatives.

Christopher, Head of HR

I work for an enlightened employer and as such, I knew it was an important investment to make in my team to provide some support around managing energy and resilience. Kate gave the team practical tips to help them be who they want to be from a lifestyle perspective and more importantly, how this becomes a natural integration of who they are at work. Our business has benefited from this investment as the team are performing at an optimum level consistently and we have created a culture where wellbeing is lived and breathed across the team with a recognition that people’s wellbeing is as individual as they are.

Denise, Director, Client Partnerships & Comms

We were so lucky to have been introduced to Kate this year. The outside perspective and independent challenge has been invaluable in shifting the way our team thinks about well-being.

Mary Beth, P&C Leader

I have worked with Kate close to 2 years now and she has radically changed my thinking around what self-care and prioritisation really means. I have a busy and demanding job and with Kate’s guidance I have found a way to succeed in that without feeling the resentment of it being at the expense of my whole life.

Denise, Director of Communications 

Kate collaborates with our L&D team in a very positive manner which means the sessions are brilliantly tailored to our audience and consistent with our brand and culture. I would highly recommend Kate as a Consultant and look forward to working with her going forwards.

Rosie, L&D Advisor, Part 2

When I first started working with Kate, my stress levels were really high, around an 8-9 out of 10 on a daily basis, sometimes reaching what felt like a 10/10! Now, only three months in to our coaching work together, and I feel like I’m averaging a 4/10 on the stress scale, which makes such a difference to my overall quality of life. 

Lindi, Accountant

I loved the six months of coaching with Kate because she first helped me to shape my goals, then she steadily guided me by listening compassionately and providing advice that I could realistically implement. By the end of the 6 months with Kate, I had not only found a new job that was more aligned with my personal values but I’d also learnt techniques to reduce my stress levels. This has not only helped me to make better work decisions but has also meant I have more quality time with my daughter.

Nikki, Director of Research, Part 2

I am equipped with practical tools to trust my body and intuition and as important to me to think of my life holistically rather than work and the rest of it. What I truly appreciate now, is less is really more. Rather than on this constant treadmill, I really do make space for being outside, learning new things and have tuned into my body. I used to be at war with it and now I treat myself like a precious asset. Working with Kate has given me confidence, insight and most importantly, time to focus on me, which has benefited my whole life.

Deborah, Director, Marketing & Partnerships

We recently had Kate speak at Stress Awareness Day. Not only was she well received by the audience she was easy to work with, personable and spent extra time listening to everyone and interacting with them. Her high energy and enthusiasm was amazing.

Wellbeing Committee Lead, Zurich Insurance

The Zurich Community Trust are passionate about supporting the charities we work with both through funding and non-financial offerings. Wellbeing is very much on our agenda and it hasn’t been more important than now, to provide this type of support, so we recruited Kate to run a number of one hour sessions throughout 2021. These sessions have proved really popular and we’ve received great feedback. Thanks, Kate, for your professional approach and we look forward to working with you again next year!

Sarah, National Partnerships & Development Manager

Over the first half of 2020, I had juggled a new demanding leadership role at work whilst trying to be a committed mum to my 3-year-old daughter (including during several months of the nursery being shut). I approached Kate because by the middle of the year I had realised I needed to invest some more time and focus on myself but I didn’t really know where to start. I saw her advert in a magazine and was then attracted to her online profile mainly because her approach appeared to be tailored to people like me who want to improve their wellbeing but have little time to spare.

Nikki, Director of Research, Part 1

My body feels more fluid and mentally I feel happier, inspired and more energetic! Kate’s personal one-to-one coaching has given me the confidence to be more active, fit and to effectively prioritise looking after my wellbeing in a way that is doable for me whilst also being a busy working Mum of two – something I’d never thought was actually possible!!

India, Clinical Director

The course is easy to keep up with, and Kate shares many examples, tips and resources which are useful not only during the course but – more importantly – afterwards. I’m developing healthier habits and achieving more of my goals, and this is purely down to the advice that Kate offers and the way in which she shares that advice. This course was inspiring, useful and great value for money – especially given the depth and breadth of topics covered and advice given. Thank you Kate!

Emma, Associate

The biggest thing I got from this programme was the feeling of accomplishment and being able to find new ways of scheduling important wellbeing needs as part of my day-to-day life and this has made me feel more confident, healthier and happier in general. I am sleeping better, eating a healthier more balanced diet and far more active. Kate is a wonderful coach/ mentor and everyone needs a bit of Kate in their lives. Truly professional and personable.

Charlotte, Executive Assistant 


The secret to your success is hidden in your daily routines

More specifically, it’s your morning routine or lack of, that truly sets the tone for the rest of your day: your health, mood, focus, energy and overall productivity. This is why I created a free 12-page guide to help you design your own custom morning routine so that you can be at your best every day.