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Break negative thoughts & emotions

Break negative thoughts & emotions

After last week’s lengthly email on exhaustion, I’m coming to you with something a little different this week.


I’ve mentioned before how I’m often listening to podcasts, audiobooks and youtube videos as I go about my day … It’s a great way to learn more and also prime your brain for positivity, possibilities and abundance thinking.


Obviously that depends on what you’re listening to of course, but if you do choose to listen to mind opening content it really can make all the difference.


So, last week I was listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton, the original pioneer in the field of epigenetics (the belief that the genetic expression of a gene can be altered outside of the genetic code itself – i.e your intention, envorinment internally and externally determines what a gene does) then I started listening to some Dr. Joe Dispenza videos.


I’m sure you’ll remember I’ve mentioned Dr. Joe Dispenza before because I am a HUGE fan of his work.


He merges neuroscience with quantum science and spirituality. He’s also an excellent public speaker.


I was listening to a video recording that I listened to before, but it’s so powerful, thought provoking and interesting – around why we behave the way we do and how we can change our old, out-dated, unhealthy ways – That I decided I want to simply share it with you as this week’s blog post.


So here’s the link to the audio video: CLICK HERE to listen


I hope you enjoy what Dr. Joe has to share, there is so much to take from this and if you do have an aha moment or if just one thing he says, stops and make you see things a little differently I would love to know.


I’m often recommending podcasts, Youtube videos and books to friends, family and clients and so going forward I will be sharing these with you on a regular basis via these emails. There are so many phenominal resources of information that I come across in my work that it’s a shame to keep them to my inner circle.


So I hope you enjoy this one! Listen to the video HERE




Kate x


P.S I also want to let you know that I am not promoting the work of Dr.Joe or any other expert based on an affiliate deal or any kind of compensation, I’m simply sharing things that I love and hope you will too!

Kate Horwood