As the year comes to a close, I’m sensing that many people are just about crawling over the finish line of 2020!
After a year of such uncertainty and upheaval, I think you can probably agree, that this holiday season requires a well-deserved and much needed break … And by ‘break’, I do mean rest!
So, for today’s blog post, I’m going to keep it short and sweet as I want to help you preserve your energy for the last big push next week…

This is a very simple yet effective tool that I often use myself and with clients. It’s a really powerful way to shift your mood, perspective and free up energy...

As we go about our day, we often say or think to ourselves:

“I’ve got to do XYZ”

Or in a similar vein:

“I need to”, “I must”, “I should”, “I have to” etc.

The way we frame something, sets the tone for how we then feel about it and usually this is all totally subconscious – which means we’re not even aware of how the words make us feel.
Words like, ‘must’, ‘should’ (especially should), ‘need’, ‘have’, ‘got’ create a sense of pressure and obligation in such a way that can cause us to feel like, or assume the role of, being the victim of our circumstances.
Again, this is all usually very subconscious, but it’s directly tied to our experience of whatever it is that we’re doing and, over the longer term, of life in general!

But if you change the narrative to:

“I get to XYZ”

The word ‘get’ shifts everything!
It automatically primes your mind to take full responsibility for what is happening to you. Which means you see the opportunities and therefore have a more proactive, empowered and (key word) appreciative experience.
It’s highly likely you’ll then show up as your best self for whatever it is that you’re doing – whether that’s a meeting, a call with a loved one, changing your baby’s nappy or even putting the rubbish out!
I highly recommend you try this for a day: reframe everything to “I get to X” … and I’d love to know if it changes anything for you!

Next Friday will be my last blog post of 2020, where I’ll be sharing my reflections on this past year and I’m also going to give you some rules (yes rules) for the holidays so that come January, you’ll emerge feeling replenished and inspired to start 2021!

Kate x