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Being more with less

Being more with less

Last weekend I spent 4 lovely days in Oslo…


For me it was the perfect trip; with lots of walking, some light exercise, sightseeing, trying local/traditional foods (their fish soup is amazing!), lots of fun and some peace and quiet – because everyone seems so chilled in Oslo!


Even at ‘rush hour’ –  there was no sense of any rushing!


I came back with lots of insights and lessons learned that relate directly back to wellbeing, mindset and happiness and overall performance and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.


The first thing this trip served to remind me of, is that time away from home and the normalcies of life, somewhere completely different, is so important to help cut through the noise and programming of the subconscious mind.


When you’re in a new environment, you’re more present because things are completely unknown, so you have to take in new information all the time.


You don’t have a routine – so really, you’re in a more mindful state all the time because there are brand new things to experience with all your senses.


Whereas when you’re at home or work and living your normal day-to-day life, you slip easily into auto-pilot, which then gives you more chance to think and ruminate.


So, in many respects, a trip away is a break for your brain!


The second learning whilst away was that being somewhere brand new often gives you a chance to take on a broader perspective on life. Maybe because, in part, you realise how big the world actually is, and your eyes are opened to new things and experiences.


… I definitely came back from Oslo feeling motivated, inspired, and clearer on certain goals related to my future plans!


Lastly, we stayed in a modern, minimalist studio apartment that had a small kitchenette, a table and chairs and a small bathroom, with wardrobe space and a double bed, which was actually two single beds pushed together – that’s how they do double beds in Oslo along with a few other European countries I’ve since found out – You even each have your own single duvet as well!


My boyfriend and I only took carry-on luggage, so we travelled light with the basics, and actually this is how we like to travel: we book a clean, modern, minimalist apartment and we take only carry on.


What this teaches me every time, is that it is so freeing to live with less ‘stuff’!


I do love my things at home – all my clothes, jewelry, accessories, home décor, books, plants etc. and I take great pride in making my home feel attractive and homely; but the more I travel and live this way when away (out of a small suitcase) I realise how happy I am and how good it feels to live with less …. You realise you just don’t need much at all.


I would even go so far as to say it’s less stressful – life is simpler, and less stuff actually frees up your headspace and brain power because you’ve just got less around you, less calling for your attention, less to do!


I’m sure you’ve heard how the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and other super successful entrepreneurs wear the same types of outfits and have very minimalist homes – it’s cited they do this purposely because it reduces the amount of decisions they have to make and cuts out a multitude of distractions.


The lessons I’m taking forward from this trip is that less is more, so I’m now feeling inspired to do some serious spring cleaning and decluttering … perfect of the year!


And also, that regular mini breaks, somewhere very different, even if you do some work remotely whilst away, are really healthy for your mind and overall perspective on life.


Lastly, I also loved having two single beds and two duvets instead of one double bed – they’re definitely on to something in Norway!! Seriously, if you struggle with sharing a bed in anyway, perhaps it’s the body heat of your partner, them moving around, pulling the sheets, taking up too much space … I highly recommend looking into two singles pushed together, this is definitely something I now want to do at home!




Kate x


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