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Like me, you may be feeling a little over saturated with everyone on social media posting quotes or advice about love or sharing photos and stories about their loved ones and Valentine’s celebrations!


I’m all for love of course, when you add love to the equation it’s the ultimate healing agent in any situation…


Because, ultimately we can only ever be in a state of fear or love … and if you’re not convinced of that then I highly recommend you read Marianne Williamson’s book ‘A Return to Love’.


So, it makes then that fear is the only thing that keeps us from love … and vice versa.


When I say ‘love’ I don’t mean just in romantic relationships, I mean literally everything.


Love for yourself … others … the world at large.


In relation to your health and your body, as I’ve said so many times before, you can only ever truly love yourself to good health. If you seek health where fear is the motivating force you may lose weight, get the six pack etc. but you won’t resolve the issue that got you there in the first place and that fear will transfer and cause some other issue or at some point you will revert to old ways.


If you seek a love partner out of a deep-rooted fear – for example fear of being alone, fear of feeling safe and secure, fear of being unlovable etc. – you will be entering a relationship for the wrong reasons … and when hard times arrive there most likely won’t be enough love to hold things together and weather the storms.


I’m reminded of Martin Luther King’s quote:


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


So today my ‘Valentine’s’ message is to really tune into yourself and recognize whenever you’re in fear … the clue is it’ll be whenever you feel a negative emotion – anger, hate, jealousy, loneliness, negativity, frustration, insecurity, anxiety  – in that moment ask yourself, ‘how can I see this situation from a loving perspective?’.


One way to help do this is to drop your thoughts from up in your head, down into your body, take your thoughts and awareness down to your heart, take some deep breaths and then ask yourself the question above.


You can apply this to anything – yourself, your body, friends, family, your community, politics (touchy one for many right now I know!), race, religion and the world at large!


I’m not even suggesting you do this to change your opinion, just simply consider what the situation would look/feel like through the eyes of love.


That’s all!


The other important side to this is in managing your stress levels because as I’ve said many times before, stress hormones cause you to look for threats and therefore you’re looking at the world through the eyes of fear.


So, it’s a two-way street:


In managing our stress levels, we are more likely to cultivate a more accepting, loving nature and in consciously choosing to see things through the eyes of love we will lower our stress levels.


I’d recommend you practice both!




Kate x

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